My calling is to improve mental health for everyone.

I live by Henry David Thoreau’s quote: “the best thing a man can do for his culture when he is rich is endeavor to carry out those schemes he entertained when he was poor.”

I grew up in East Texas and…

“Nature abhors a vacuum.”

Evans-Rosedale Plaza, Fort Worth Texas, Pre-COVID19

In the laws of physics, unfilled spaces are “unnatural” and so any matter surrounding the empty space tends to fill it.

Communication about the COVID pandemic is no different. I’ve been absolutely floored, angered, and deeply ashamed at how inconsistent communication has been from the government…

I’m a Democrat-leaning Black doctor with a ton of white conservative friends. If we are to survive the pandemics of COVID and systemic racism, we need all hands on-deck: especially the Black ones. Here are ten ways to save Black lives:

  1. Get a Doctor, Part 1: Give $100,000 grant to…

Hate healthcare? It’s your fault.

Paradigm shifts are hard and the human psyche is primed to be cautious of “the new”. The American psyche is even more headstrong — we’re an entitled mishmash of merit and charity that changes on a groupthink dime.

So when I launched a one-man crusade…

After 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school, 5 years of residency in pediatrics and child psychiatry, $200K of debt, and 3 years of being a staff “front-line” psychiatrist, I almost walked away from medical practice.

I couldn’t understand how the greatest country on the planet could create…

Dr Brian J Dixon

We can save ourselves from ourselves…if we want to.

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