Dr Brian J Dixon
2 min readJan 6, 2016


After 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school, 5 years of residency in pediatrics and child psychiatry, $200K of debt, and 3 years of being a staff “front-line” psychiatrist, I almost walked away from medical practice.

I couldn’t understand how the greatest country on the planet could create and then maintain a health care system that wasn’t focused on health, but on profit, obfuscation, and worsening inequality. I fully believed that I was “working myself out of a job” as a career goal. But each day I went to work, I was reminded that I was not the norm; in fact, when I did speak up about ways to improve the system, to make things more efficient, I was admonished. Again and again.

So I decided to take a leap of faith and step out into my own private practice. I would create the type of medical practice that allowed me time to listen to my patients, to meet them where they are, and is flexible enough to change with the times. It’s been successful…but only to a point. After all, I am still working within a larger inefficient behemoth that works against me.

After many sleepless nights and brainwrecking days, I created the solution for our healthcare system. It’s strikingly simple in its structure but serves as a fundamental paradigm shift in our approach to health care. It will save money, empower each American citizen, and eliminate government involvement in healthcare.

But how do I get the message out to the nation during this crucial election year? After all, my expertise is in treating mental health disorders…not marketing and social media. I started a website (www.changehealth.today) and a Twitter handle. I email and snail mail newspapers, journalists, and anyone else who will listen. Yet the message has yet to break through the inane chatter from most “news” media and grab the attention of the everyday American.

This is a labor of love; I hope that people talk about this idea because they can see the power it gives them in their everyday lives. Americans pride themselves on choice and this idea reaffirms that amazing right we’ve created for ourselves. I have no interest in creating this into a business or directly profiting from this idea. I am selfishly hoping, however, to be the beneficiary of this healthcare system when I’m older.

How do I convince the American public that they are uniquely positioned right now to fundamentally improve their health and their pocketbooks in 2016? I’m open to suggestions…