Black folks managing COVID; What’s next?

Evans-Rosedale Plaza, Fort Worth Texas, Pre-COVID19

Brief science lesson: viruses are proteins that can make you sick. Proteins aren’t imaginary; they can be seen and they can be changed when exposed to certain substances (soap, UV light, heat, etc). The more concentrated the virus proteins, the more risk of illness.

Mask: The mask limits your virus from going out into the world while also limiting you to others’ viruses. Wear your mask anytime you go out of your house and if you’ve tested positive, wear your mask in the house. Remember: the more viral particles you can catch and dispose of, the better. For cloth masks, wash them in soap and water. For disposables, throw them away and wear a new one often (daily if possible.) And I know it’s tough but try not to touch your mask; this increases the risk of you transferring viral particles from the mask to the wet parts of your face (a big no-no!) Yes, we’ll likely need to wear masks until at least December 2020 so buy some with style and personality.

To recap for my Black peeps:

DO: Actively practice Mask:Wash:Air
(as always, if you’re actively sick, stay home!!!)



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