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  • Donald T Boone

    Donald T Boone

    CEO @ BoxedUp | ex-Amazon | HBCU Alum | Engineer | Tech, Startups & Black Culture

  • Rebekah Fenton

    Rebekah Fenton

  • Emily Martin

    Emily Martin

    51 Pegasi b Fellow, Former NSF Postdoctoral Fellow & UC Chancellors Fellow, UC Santa Cruz. I build infrared instruments and study cold brown dwarfs

  • Omondi L. Nyong'o

    Omondi L. Nyong'o

  • Scott Woods

    Scott Woods

    Writer and poet holding down Columbus, Ohio

  • Kiki.


    Pro black. Pro woman. Pro child. I write about and for blackness. I am periodically petty, overly opinionated, and underpaid. https://www.thecookout.club

  • joahspearman


    Founder & CEO of Localeur. Lover of Austin, Texas, running, live music, community service and travel.

  • Jonathan Lin Davis

    Jonathan Lin Davis

    I'm a writer, poet, political scientist, sports enthusiast and advocate; excuse me, as I tend to overuse semicolons.

  • Deanna Kreisel

    Deanna Kreisel

    English prof at University of Mississippi. Current book project on sustainability and utopianism in the 19th century. Team Cake. doctorwaffle.substack.com

  • MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott

    Mom, writer, advocate.

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