My mental health calling

  • Teaching 1st year students at the TCU & UNTHSC med school
  • Apprenticing 2nd year students from TCU & UNTHSC med school
  • Sponsoring medical student associations (SNMA, Psych SIG)
  • Creating dynamic integrated curriculum to compel student interest in the field of psychiatry
  • Recruiting new doctors to the Mindful practice
  • Retaining current doctors to remain in the Mindful practice
  • Helping therapists find and support other therapists (
  • Supporting therapy practices and giving business coaching to private practice psychiatrists and therapists (
  • Directly confronting the increasing number of physician suicides (
  • Launching a local mental health awareness initiative:
  • Contributing to FWMD Live (
  • Creating infrastructure for mental health businesses:
  • Served as President for the Historic Southside Neighborhood Association
  • Servingon the Near Southside Inc’s Development Committee
  • Helping remove mental health questions from physician licensure (
  • Donating, Donating, Donating to politicians who share our communal best interests
  • Leaning in as Member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization ( and Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce (
  • Protecting physician autonomy and promoting patient safety (
  • Launched to provide affordable access to quality mental health conversations
  • Coordinated with TCU to host workshops on Healing Racial Trauma
  • Co-Hosting Living Corporate’s webseries “The Break Room” (
  • Member and Supporter of Black Men in White Coats (
  • Mentoring Black male undergrads, a medical student, and child psychiatry fellow
  • Ad hoc business coaching for Black entrepreneurs



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Dr Brian J Dixon

Dr Brian J Dixon

We can save ourselves from ourselves…if we want to.